About Me

My name is Hristo Dimitrov. I was born in Plovdiv, an ancient city, which is one of the oldest in the world, established 6000 BC. It is the second biggest city in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia. I spent my childhood years in the mountains and the forests of my country.

I love to spend my time doing nature photography, rediscovering and capturing its beauty through the lens of my camera. The nature in Bulgaria provides many opportunities for landscape photographers. I feel lucky to travel and spend all my free time in the mountains. This enables me to visit and explore beautiful places and to enjoy moments that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see or experience in my life. I can also show the incredible beauty of the nature to other people who might not be able to enjoy it personally.

I started practising photography more seriously in 2008, when I bought my first DSLR camera. It became immediately my faithful companion in my hiking trips in the nature.

Photography for me is a way to express the world as I see and feel it and also to reach the hearts of many people , no matter where they are. Regardless of the differences between people, photography removes all borders and that’s why in every photo I give my best . You have to be extremely patient with nature, because it can surprise you in many ways while you are taking photos of it. And it can also provide you that one unique moment for you to capture it.

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